Redler Conveyor

Redler Conveyor

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Bulk material, goods and products can be easily transported from one place to another by utilizing this conveyor. This type of conveyor are implemented in several industries and mills such as feed mill, oil mill, etc. Also known as drag chain, is suitable for horizontal transportation of products over a long distance. It can also be accommodated for various purposes such as ensuring uniform growth of the product. Depending upon the type of product, the height, speed, weight and capacity of the conveyance can be adjusted.

Application Sectors:

  • Airports
  • Food industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining industry
  • Railways
  • And many more

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable to handle delicate and bulk products or goods
  • Safe, reliable, efficient and compact
  • Offers ease in maintenance, installation and operations
  • Products can be easily conveyed vertically or horizontally
  • Renders flexibility as these can be easily discharged at any point